Duke Computer Architecture

Members of the Computer Architecture group perform fundamental research at the hardware-software interface. This research spans emerging technologies, computer architectures, and evolving applications.


Chris Dwyer | Andrew Hilton | Alvin Lebeck | Benjamin Lee | Daniel Sorin

Graduate Students.
Sandeep Agrawal | Songchun Fan | Marisabel Guevara | Blake Hechtman | Mohamed Ibrahim | Adam Jacobvitz | Yuxuan Li | Luwa Matthews | Ralph Nathan | Jun Pang | Valentin Pistol | Tamara Silbergleit | Qiuyun Wang | Weidan Wu | Seyed Majid Zahedi


Emerging Technologies. Memories, nanophotonics, DNA self-assembly [Dwyer, Lebeck, Lee]

Parallel Architectures. Coherence and consistency, general-purpose GPU, parallel run-times [Hilton, Lebeck, Sorin]

Datacenter Systems. Heterogeneous design, allocation and scheduling, GPU acceleration [Hilton, Lebeck, Lee]

Mobile Systems. Workload characterization, system-on-chip design, power management [Lee]

Design and Verification. Verification-aware microarchitecture, links to formal methods [Sorin]

Fault-tolerant Computing. Design to tolerate transient and permanent faults [Sorin]

Modeling and Analysis. Performance and power profiling, statistical inference, machine learning [Lee]


Duke Computer Architecture provides a broad spectrum of fundamental courses and special-topic seminars.


Duke Computer Architecture seeks talented and driven researchers in the broadly defined area of computer architecture. Opportunities are available at undergraduate, graduate, and post-doctorate levels. For undergraduate or graduate admissions, please apply via one of two departments: Electrical and Computer Engineering or Computer Science. For post-doctoral positions, please contact individual faculty.